Creators. Educators. Making a difference.


Mike Deeney

Creator-Author- Lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Sterling. He loves superheroes, sports, music & film, tacos, ocean views and sunsets. His passion is to make a better world, one day at a time. BA in Education with a focus on K-5 and Special Education levels.  Mike is developing the youth based brand platform of Avery and Masa: Protectors of the Endangered including chapter books, educational curriculum and an animated series.  At heart, Mike is an educator who prides himself on his natural ability to relate, communicate and build relationships.

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Steve Barrett

Creator-Author- Lives in Southern California with his wife Betsy and daughter Lilly. He loves Star Wars, cheeseburgers, the beach and lilies. His passion is writing for kids so one day they can change the tide. Steve has Master's in education, has taught English for over 13 years, works with students with learning disabilities and believes all students can make a difference.

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Erle Tompkins

Illustrator-Lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Dianna. Erle loves drawing, comic books, wrestling, cats and the Seattle Seahawks. His passion is to create art that excites and inspires others. Erle has a BFA in Cartooning and a MAT in Art Education from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Bringing Avery and Masa to life was essential for our heroes to save the world.

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