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"No matter what your age...there's something for you in "The Adventures of Avery and Masa." In a world where teamwork and compromise seem scarce at times these buddies are a great reminder of what can happen when we put aside our differences and work together towards a common goal. I've given it to most of my "parent friends" they all heartily agree -- and the kids are anxiously awaiting the next chapter!!"

Catherine McKenzie, Senior Producer ABC News

"Avery and Masa, a fire fox and a slow loris, are animals who have been captured and taken from their homes. This story follows them as they not only escape their captors but also encounter a tribe of Komodo dragons and save a village of slow loris while meeting a variety of animals.  The story's dual message is of the importance of protecting the endangered and that with teamwork we can change the world.  The ending lets the reader know there are new adventures coming for these friends. The story is a quick read and the adventures should interest the reluctant reader. Engaging, brightly colored illustrations add interest and break up the text."

Egner, L., Librarian, LBUSD

"The Adventures of Avery and Masa is not only an educational book for young readers, but is also full of fantastic imagery and suspense. It is a book that will hold any young reader's attention and have them waiting in anticipation as to when Avery and Masa's next adventure will be!"

Sara Baluch, Resource Specialist, LBUSD

"Great buddy book. Interesting characters and great adventure story that kept both myself and seven year old nephew reading till the end!"

Hortencia Isas, Instructional Aide, LBUSD

"Best kids series from @averyandmasa. My son literally tore the package open last night in excitement for the next installment. But what I love about this series is the message about protecting our animals and species as a whole. Especially with the death of our last great white rhino it's so important for messaging like these to be told. This series humanizes how animals feel when they're threatened by us humans. Love it! Thank you @averyandmasa for awesome writing and bringing this love of reading to my kiddo."

Michelle Ganson, Parent, North Carolina

"Perfectly written for my 6 year old child. It's a very nice story that puts a different light on the ethical treatment of living things within our environment. It also open up an opportunity for me to discuss with my son the different geographical areas of the world and the habitats of those areas. The book is written in a way where my son is eager to read it. Normally, we try to read a chapter a night and most times, my sons wants to keep on going. His favorite character is Masa and we were able to finish this book pretty quickly...then read it again. Then, read it again. Then, read it (I think we have it memorized)! We're excited to see the next Volumes!"

Vipul Chitania, Parent, Los Angeles


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August 14, 2019

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as Avery and Masa escape poachers and help save the endangered animals...

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